How does the app work?



The Lessersound app is EASY to use! When you launch the app it will automatically begin taking a sound reading. This reading is only measuring sound levels, not recording conversations. The reading takes just 5 seconds.

The Lessersound app will then display the reading that was taken, measured in decibels. This reading will include a “sounds like” description, and a time and date of the reading. It will also include a location. If that location is incorrect, touching the map icon will provide other locations to select in the vicinity.

After confirming the location is correct, hit the SUBMIT button.

This is an important step, as it populates the database, to help others. Please note that no personal information is submitted, just the decibel level of your sound reading, and the date, time, and location of the reading. This is an anonymous submission.

(If you are taking a reading from a private location, this will not populate in the mapping location, and should not be submitted to the database. However, it WILL provide you with the sound decibel level of your private location–such as the television volume, the car radio, etc.–for your consideration and action.)



A screen will now confirm you have entered the information into the Lessersound database, to share with others.

You then have the option of sharing your reading on social media!

Just click on the button of the media platform of your choice. Spread the word and spread the SOUND AWARENESS MOVEMENT!


Use the search button to get information about the sound levels of places BEFORE you visit!
There are two ways:

1) Find locations close to you. The search screen will automatically populate this information on a GPS enabled phone.Locations with a lessersound icon have readings in the database. Click on the location to learn about the sound levels that have been recorded there.
2) Find a specific location. Use the search engine box to type in the establishment name, city and state, or zip code. Hit the GO button and a list will appear meeting your specifications.




To understand more about the sound levels you have experienced, just click the INFO button on the home screen!