Decibels matter – check out this article in AARP:

SAN FRANCISCO, California-May 10, 2016-The lessersoundapp™ has been listed as one of three finalists in the medical category for the 2016 Appy Awards. Since 2011, MediaPost has been honoring the best-in-class mobile phone Apps at the annual Appy Awards presentations. “We congratulate lessersound, endorsed by the Hearing Loss Association of America as one of three […]

Let’s get real, down and dirty, and tell it like it is- straight, cold and clear. Ignore it or not, it is the real deal and could happen to you and yours. Pay attention and if you do, your health may improve. Like poison gas, unsafe sound is odorless, colorless and lethal to your hearing […]

My name is Wayne Lewis Lesser, founder of lessersound™. I am a hearing impaired person. I was born into a world of lesser sound. I want more safe sound and protection from unsafe sound, for less cost for more people worldwide. Others in our world have entered the world of lesser sound over time through […]