App supporters


“This lessersound thing is something near and dear to my heart. It’s a great and innovative idea.  I sacrificed much of my hearing in the early part of my career when I was a cannon crew member. Now I’m the only guy in formation wearing hearing aids. I’ve become quite anal in regard to hearing conservation in my workplace and revel in every little sound I encounter. It’s quite distracting. I just wish I’d learned to appreciate my hearing before I lost so much of it.”
-Michael A. Johns, CW2, OD, Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer, US Army Ordnance Corps


“My eardrums are ok thanks to the Lesser sound App which indicated 96 decibels of noise last night at the Metallica concert at AT&T park. My earplugs cut that down to a healthier 74dB. Thanks to Wayne!”
-Lee, a satisfied app user in San Francisco, California


“It is a great product that fills a need I am often asked about. This is very easy for me to get behind!”
-Darragh Kennedy, CEO, The Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California


“I think that this may prove beneficial to people who are working in potentially dangerously loud work environments, and lead to much needed attention to hearing protection for employees. My husband works in Occupational Health and Safety; construction sites usually provide safety training and ear protection, but other businesses do not. Some places that come to mind are dry cleaners, ….coffee shops, auto repair shops, lumber yards, even some restaurants and department stores, etc.”
-Debra Rodgers, HLAA-CA Board Trustee, Advocacy Team Chair