Appy Award Finalist – lessersoundapp™

SAN FRANCISCO, California-May 10, 2016-The lessersoundapp™ has been listed as one of three finalists in the medical category for the 2016 Appy Awards. Since 2011, MediaPost has been honoring the best-in-class mobile phone Apps at the annual Appy Awards presentations.

We congratulate lessersound, endorsed by the Hearing Loss Association of America as one of three finalists for an Appy Award.  lessersoundapp’s measurement of the decibel levels in one’s surroundings helps both the hard of hearing and those who want to avoid noise pollution. The 2016 Appy Awards had a record number of entries in the medical category, so the competition was really toughstated Laura Daly, Director of Communications at MediaPost Communications.

Wayne Lesser, Founder, is humbled to be a finalist for this prestigious award.  Wayne, H.I.P. all of his life, a successful San Francisco Attorney, struggled to be heard in the courtroom. While overcoming these challenges, Wayne created a heartfelt mission to protect everyone from potential hearing damage or further damage. These life experiences inspired Wayne to dream up the need for the lessersoundapp™. With his wife, Lorraine Lesser, they commissioned Matthew Barksdale, President at Engage Mobile to develop the app and make Wayne’s idea a reality.

“The lessersoundappcan assist doctors, audiologists and their patients. The app is also a support for parents of children who are H.I.P. or H.A.R.P. or suffer from noise sensitivity.  lessersoundappis colorful and exciting to use.  Download the app and take readings for optimal hearing health”stated Jeannine Lewis, Director of Marketing.

The lessersoundapp™ can be used anywhere you go: shopping, concerts, construction sites, walking down city streets, even in front of your TV. Most people are not aware when loud noises are harmful to their hearing, and now there is an easy way to determine this information.  In a country where healthcare measures are so prominent, this is one area that has been ignored. The lessersoundapp™   will show a warning when potential hearing problems can occur, so that hearing-at-risk-people (H-A-R-P) don’t become hearing-impaired people (H-I-P). It’s simple to use: within five seconds of opening the app, you’ll have the Color of Sound™—a color-coded measurement providing you with useful and beneficial information to protect your hearing.

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